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Gañeta has 10 hectares of sloping, trellised vineyards in Getaria and the surrounding area, where we cultivate the autochthonous vine varieties: Hondarrabi Zuri (85%) and Hondarrabi Beltza (15%), which are harvested at the beginning of October to be produced as txakoli at our wineries.


Our winery, GAÑETA, alongside the Agerre-Goikoa farmhouse, is located between the San Prudentzio and Askizu neighbourhoods in the municipality of Getaria.

A long family tradition predestined the production of Txakoli to Julián Ostolaza Manterola, who founded GAÑETA in 1992 and prepared and fitted out a state-of-the-art winery. It all started with his grandfather, Manuel, in the 19th century who produced txakoli for his own consumption, and was continued throughout the 20th century by his son, José María. This passion led their descendents to continue with this artisanal dedication, but with a commercial project in the heart of the 21st century. We sell it via direct sales to restaurants, gastronomic associations, gourmet shops, bars... and exports to the United States.


The cultivation of Txakoli requires exquisite care of the vineyards with a thorough control cycle by the harvester.

Industrial operation requires strict compliance with the specific regulations of the sector, in terms of quality and health controls. All the requirements for the different moments of the process should be carefully monitored. A healthy grape, timely harvesting, a well-structured winery and a perfect production process are essential to obtain a great Txakoli. 


As a result of the hard work and standards of quality achieved thanks to the joint efforts of the grape harvesters and the Basque Government, Txakoli de Getaria was awarded a DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN, under the name of GETARIAKO TXAKOLINA in 1989. This is the smallest Denomination of Origin in Spain.

From its headquarters in Getaria, the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin works to ensure that the origin and cultivation of the autochthonous grapes, their careful wine-producing process and stringent quality controls are respected, offering consumers the Txakoli de Getaria guarantee.

This guarantee is reflected by the “GETARIAKO TXAKOLINA” Denomination of Origin Seal incorporated on the label of each bottle, as well as the seal with the controlled serial number.


The winery associated to the GETARIAKO TXAKOLINA D.O., GAÑETA, produces 3 different brands of Txakoli: GAÑETA, GAÑETA BEREZIA and GAÑETA ROSE, all offering the typical characteristics of Txakoli from Getaria in terms of production standards.

GAÑETA produces quality wines with a proven track record, consolidated over the years with the guarantee of its customers.


Txakoli from Getaria. The Denomination of Origin that extends over the micro-climate of Aia, Zarautz and Getaria, enjoys an established present and a promising future. They are still proud of the whale bones where they planted the vine stocks to grow in search of the sun and salt of the neighbouring Cantabrian Sea, as the story goes according to Guillermo de Humbolt.

What is true is that its Txakoli has become a real luxury, with its own personality inherited from culture and tradition: a characteristic element in the life and customs of the Basque people. 

Two autochthonous grape varieties, Hondarrabi Zuri (85% of the vines) and Hondarrabi Beltza (15%) are trained on the high and extensive trellises winding up the mountain in search of full maturity and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. The result is a young, fruity white wine, with medium alcohol content (between 9.5° and 11.5°) and slight acidity. Txakoli is served chilled, breaking in the glass to spread its full range of aromas with its gentle bubbles. This wine is extremely personal and differentiated.